CoE for EVRT

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Centre of Excellence for Electric Vehicles and Related Technologies (CoE for EVRT)

The University has established a centre of excellence for Electric Vehicles and Related Technologies (CoE for EVRT) to impart training & research in thrust area of Electric Vehicles and Related Technology. The centre will help in developing an eco-system for transformation from a traditional to eco-friendly transportation system. State-of-the-art facility for training & testing will be created to carry out interdisciplinary research in Electric Vehicles and associated areas.

This Centre was inaugurated by Prof. Yogesh Singh, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Delhi Technological University on 7th October 2021. This Centre is jointly funded by Delhi Knowledge Development Foundation (DKDF), Govt. of NCT of Delhi and Delhi Technological University, Delhi. CoE for EVRT focused research areas will include, but not be limited to design, development, and analysis of electric vehicle motors and drives, charging station infrastructure, charge controllers, communication infrastructure for information dissemination between the power grid and EVs, battery management systems, retrofitting, etc. This Centre is not only providing interdisciplinary research and development ecosystems but also offering internships, skills development courses, entrepreneurship programs and facilitating industrial trainings for undergraduate/postgraduate students and research scholars. In addition, the Centre will also offer regular PG/certificate courses in the near future. The facility will strive for networking and collaboration with industries, research laboratories, and other institutions of excellence in India and abroad to carry out cutting-edge research and development in EVs, along with offering postgraduate programmes.


Many faculty members of the Department of Electrical Engineering, DTU are already working in different areas related to electric vehicles technologies through various sponsored research projects. These islands of research endeavors and the expertise of the faculty members involved in them is being gainfully collaborated for development of CoE for EVRT. In a very short span, the CoE for EVRT has established a strong industry-academia collaborations to achieve the objectives of the centre. The main focus of the centre includes:

»Design, development, and analysis of cost-effective and sustainable Electric Vehicles prototype

»Design and development of battery packs and BMS for different types of Electric Vehicles.

»Design, development, and analysis of Electric Vehicles motors and drives.

»Design and retro-fitment of conventional vehicles to Electric Vehicles.

»Design and development of electric vehicles charging infrastructure and grid​ management.

»To offer M. Tech and Ph.D. programs in the area of electric vehicles technology.

» To offer internship opportunities to the students of degree, diploma and certificate level institutions under Govt of NCT of Delhi.

»Capacity building in terms of trained manpower at different levels such as technicians, supervisors and engineers in the area of Electric Vehicle technology.