University Administration

Administrative Officers
Name Designation E-Mail
Prof. S. K. Garg
Pro Vice Chancellor
Col. (Retd.) Neeraj Suri
Prof. Samsher Singh
Link Officer to Registrar
Prof. Vipin
Controller of Examinations
Prof. P K Suri
Chairman, Central Purchase Committee
Prof. D. S. Nagesh
Chairman , Library Advisory Committee
Sh. R. K. Shukla
Officer Inhcarge, Store and Purchase
Sh. Anoop Lather
Public Relations Officer
Prof. Vipin
Chief Vigilance Officer
Prof. Reeta Wattal
Chairman, Women Grievances
Dr. S. Indu
Chairman, Cultural Council
Dr. A. S. Rao
Chairman, Sports
Dr. Naokant Deo
Chairman, NSS
Prof. Pragati Kumar
Suptd. (Exam)
Dr. Kapil Sharma
OSD (Results)
Dr. Mukhtiyar Singh
OIC , B.Tech (Eve)
Dr. Raju Sarkar
OSD ( Estate )
Sh. Bimal Jain
Chief Project Officer / Estate Officer
Sh. Pushpendra Singh
Project Officer, Deputy Estate Officer & Transport Officer
Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastva
Project Officer (Civil)
Dr. M. Rizwan
Project Officer (Electrical)
Sh. Saurabh Kr Agarwal
Project Officer (Mechanical)
Sh. Anil Kumar
Assistant Registrar (Acad-PG and IRD) ,
Link Officer to PIO
Dr. Ravinder Kaushik
Assistant Registrar (Estt) ,
Public Information Officer
Sh. Vinod Bhandari
Assistant Public Information Officer
Dr. Vivek Tripathi
Assistant Registrar (IRD)
Dr. Lokesh Garg
Assistant Registrar (Academic)
Dr. Nitin Puri
Security Officer
Dr. Raj Kumar Singh
OIC , Workshop
Sh. Ragvendra Gautam
Officer In-charge, Guest House
Sh. Rajesh Birok
OIC , Health Centre
Board of Discipline
Name Designation E-Mail
Prof. Narendra Kumar II
Prof. A K Gupta
Prof. Vishal Verma
Shri V. Jeganathan
Dr. Richa Srivastava
Dr. Ravinder Kaushik
Member Secretary
Name Designation E-Mail
Prof. O. P. Verma
Chairman , B.Tech Admission Committee
Prof. Pragati Kumar
Coordinator , Admission (PG & Ph.D)
Prof. P. K. Suri
Coordinator , Admission (MBA)
Training & Placement
Name Designation E-Mail
Dr. R. S. Walia
HOD, T & P
Central Library
Name Designation E-Mail
Sh. R. K. Shukla
Computer Centre
Name Designation E-Mail
Prof. O.P. Verma
Mr. Manoj Kumar
Associate Head
Dr. R. S. Walia
Associate Head
Name Designation E-Mail
Sh. Anoop Lather
Dr. Saurabh Mehta
Additional Coordinator
Name Designation E-Mail
Prof. Narendra Kumar - II
Chief Warden
Sh. Rajesh Rohilla
Officer In-charge
Sh. M. S. Niranjan
BCH Boys Hostel
Sh. Amrish Kumar Panwar
BMH Boys hostel
Sh. Saurabh Aggarwal
CVR Boys hostel
Sh. Raghvendra Gautam
JCB Boys hostel
Dr. Ram Singh
HJB Boys Hostel
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Ramanujam Boys Hostel
Dr. Roli Purwar
Type III Girls Hostel
Dr. Richa Srivastva
Type II Girls Hostel
Ms. Geeta
SNH Girls Hostel
Dr. Nilam
KCH Girls Hostel
Sh. Dev Anand
Type - I Boys Hostel
Sh. Nand Kumar
VVS Boys Hostel