Department of Environmental Engineering
About Department
The Department of Environmental Engineering at Delhi Technological University (DTU) is a global leader in developing engineering solutions to societal-scale challenges. We have been offering M.E. (Environmental Engg.) Degree since 1972 and B.E. (Environmental Engg.) Degree since 1998. Currently the department offers B. Tech. (intake 60), M. Tech. (intake 20) and PhDs degrees in Environmental Engineering. In addition to this, the department also provides opportunity to working engineers for upgrading their qualification under Continuing Education Programme on part time basis for PG level. The department conducts cutting-edge research, in developing the vital areas that address societal needs for environmentally sustainable life style.

The education in the department prepares students for leadership in the profession of environmental engineering. The department has designed its course curriculum; so that students are acquainted with a wide range of problems encountered by environmental engineers through electives and independently conducted projects. Broad area of subjects includes – water & waste water treatment, solid waste management, industrial waste management, air pollution, noise pollution, water supply, sewage disposal, disaster mitigation, global warming & climate change and aim to expose the students to actual field problems. Industrial tours are also conducted every year for the students by visiting industries and sites of environmental concern throughout India. Educational activities of the department focus on developing future leaders in the engineering profession, in academia, and in the broader societal context. We also strive to promote teamwork, and we value integrity and honesty in all efforts.

The departmental laboratories (Water Pollution, Air & Noise Pollution, Microbiology, GIS & Remote Sensing and Solid Waste) for teaching and research are among the best in the nation, providing opportunities for hands-on experience for all students. Additionally, in Delhi, there are unrivalled opportunities for students to experience ground-breaking local environmental engineering projects and participate in professional activities.

Well qualified and dedicated faculty makes it an ideal department for carrying out academic activities like teaching, research and consultancy work. Our faculty and staff are committed to educating our students such that they are best equipped to serve the nation and the world as professionals, scholars, academic leaders and entrepreneurs. The Department consists of people from a very broad range of academic disciplines who work together to contribute to exciting intellectual networks across the department and DTU. We foster diversity of people, research and interests, and champion the careers of our students, research scholars, staff and faculty members.

» To develop and transfer innovative applications of Science, Engineering & Technology to improve Environmental Engineering practices.

» To create, disseminate and integrate knowledge of Environmental Engineering for the betterment of human society.

» To educate engineering leaders who can work in a multi-disciplinary environment to anticipate and address evolving challenges.

» To provide human services in a sustainable way, balancing society's need for long-term infrastructure with environmental health.

» To improve fundamental knowledge of the inter-relations between the built environment and natural systems.

» To develop the technological innovations needed to safeguard, improve, and economize infrastructure and society

» To accomplish high quality interdisciplinary research, leading to technology development and competency building in different areas related to environmental problems

» To mould students for a research or professional practice career path through Basic Fundamentals, Environmental Topics and Analysis & Design.

» To be recognized by our peers as a highly effective leader in the conduct interdisciplinary research & the development of innovative approaches to solving environmental engineering problems.

» To maintain an intellectually challenging, yet supportive and welcoming environment, that encourages and enables our students, faculty and staff to achieve their best in a diverse community.