Department of Design

Strategic role of design through innovation in enhancing national and industrial competitiveness is universally recognized and underpins the national policy of Govt. of India. The strategy to achieve this vision seeks spot light on strengthening quality design education and usages of design in different sectors.

In furtherance of this national design vision, Delhi Technological University had decided to provide facilities for excellent design education, research and training to suit the needs of the society.

Department of Design is envisioned to pursue excellence in design thinking, design scholarship and design practice for the betterment of society in a holistic manner.

Design is viewed as a driver of innovation and is recognized as key differentiator for providing competitive edge to products and services. It involves an integrated humanistic approach to design products, it involves an integrated humanistic approach to design products, services and systems. It seeks to delve deeper in understanding of technological, Commercial and societal context in conception,

Developments and delivery of innovative products and services as well as tools, techniques and methods required in the practice of design suitable to environment.