Core Values

1. Academic Excellence

DTU is committed to be a leading University in academic world through excellence in teaching, learning and research, with emphasis on the freedom to conduct academic activities, upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and ethics.

2. International perspective and local engagement

DTU strives to bring together international experiences and leaders to contribute significantly to the economic and social development both in the country and neighborhood. The faculty, staff and students are encouraged to work for solving the problems of the local community.

3. Diversity & Mutual Respect

DTU values and respects the differences in terms of geographies, socio-economic status, cultural backgrounds, religion, and promotes the diversity of ideas and perspectives for the benefit of the whole community by providing inclusive and caring environment.

4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

DTU believes in expansion of horizon of excellence by research, innovation and entrepreneurship. University ensures continuous engagement in the scholarly activities of creativity, innovation and knowledge management.

5. Inclusive Governance

DTU encourages involvement of each stakeholder in decision-making through the process of collaborative consultation, deliberations, transparency and diverse involvement.

6. Sensitive to the Environment

DTU believes in sustainable development and ensures that its activities does not impact environment around it. All the faculty, staff and students are aware and highly sensitive to their environmental responsibilities.

7. Service to the Society

DTU believes in serving the needs of its constituents and society by taking care of their personal and professional development needs and encouraging all the stakeholders to maintain a connect between service, excellence, and career growth.