East Delhi Campus

University School of Management & Entrepreneurship

The department is established in 2017 primarily focusing on management and entrepreneurship programs. The management and entrepreneurship programs are very important, as they will help the nation in producing skilled managers and leaders. They will also promote innovations, help in creating jobs and new ventures. Effective management creates flexible and innovative settings, where team members and workforces successfully work in order to continuously improve their functioning

Located in the heart of East Delhi, the campus is a destination for ideas, collaborations and individuals who have zeal to add value to the business and society. With the thrust on management and entrepreneurship we want to create academic culture for developing entrepreneurs and encourage students to develop business plans, creation of startups and helping them realize their dreams.

The school has designed management programs to develop the capability amongst students for managing complex situations and relationships. Amongst the various skills of management courses, some of them focus on strengthening management principles, presentation, problem solving, team building, decision-making and marketing. Hence, management programs running in the school will help the country in producing talented and skilled workforce.