Department of Information Technology
An amalgam of Computers and Telecommunications,Information Technology has changed the lives of people globally with applications apparent in every walk of life. It empowers the younger generation with knowledge of recent advancements in this sector and provides them with a platform to work in various industries such as banking, insurance, communications, etc. Other popular areas that encompass scope for IT and have grown in the recent years are medicine, E-Governance, entertainment and multimedia, scientific research, business intelligence solutions and knowledge discovery in databases. Today, the Indian Information Technology sector continues to be one of the sunshine sectors of the Indian economy, showing rapid growth and promise, accounting for a 5.19% of the country's GDP and employing over 2.5 million people in the sector either directly or indirectly. The Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering), offers an undergraduate B.Tech. Course in Information Technology with an intake of 75 students every year. Also, to meet the growing demands of present day technologies, DTU has started post graduate studies in Information Systems from the year 2009-2010, with an annual intake of 21 students. Designed in a way so as to provide the students with fundamental concepts and tools related to the field, the B.Tech (Information Technology) emphasiseson all basic subjects such as operating systems, computer architecture and design, software development, networking, multimedia and graphics, analog and digital communication and computer Communications.

Specialized knowledge on analysis and design of Information system, information security, mobile communication, soft computing, artificial intelligence, digital signal processing, computer vision and expert systems, web engineering is also imparted, along with various electives related to upcoming I.T. fields. Further, numbers large publications in the international conferences by the undergraduate and post graduate students are outcome of the research culture developed in the department. The department has recently come up with the "Society for IT Engineers" (S.I.T.E.)in the year 2010-2011, which aims at encouraging students to be a part of active working teams in practical industrial projects and technical work, enabling them to expand intellectually so that they can make their mark in this challenging industry and helping inculcate temperament of IT among students as professionals . Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India has identified Information Security as one of the thrust areas and has entrusted the department of Information Technology, Delhi Technological University to set up an inter-ministerial working group on Information Security Education and Awareness Program. The aim is to recommend an action plan and strategy for Human Resource Development in the area of Cyber Security/Information Security, thus leading to indigenous hardware and software capabilities In the core of Information Security. Keeping in mind our constant urge to grow and keep abreast with modern technology and ever'Growing concerns of the society, Department has Recently conducted workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)meets Information Technology" Where the academia students and faculty alike,Industry, national organizations such as FICCI and Practicing IP attorneys were brought under one roof To initiate a very pertinent dialog-pertinent to all Stakeholders and to the nation at large. The department also has a project by the name of "Unmanned Aircraft Systems in an autonomous aerial vehicle development", which is carried out by the multidisciplinary students of DTU in collaboration with Lockheed MARTIN, a U.S. company .The department provides well-equipped and well-connected state of the art laboratories in the areas of RF engineering and Web Engineering, Computer Networking, Advance Signal Processing, Information Security, etc. A part from various already existing laboratories. Department of IT is starting a new laboratory named as "Biometric lab". Biometrics deals with physiological and behavioral data of human beings (or living species in broader sense), which is one of the most authentic data. It plays an important role in information Security and makes thrust area for research. The field of this lab will be largely devoted to study and develop technologies for identification of individuals using biological traits, such as those based on retinal or iris scanning, fingerprints, face recognition, voice recognition etc. Future plans for advancement and expansion of the research in the areas of information security, computer networks, optical communication, knowledge discovery in databases and other IT related fields shall be undertaken. M.Tech Program:

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