Facilities - Knowledge Park

Delhi has all the opportunities to be developed as major knowledge hub in the country with its deep rooted tradition of quality education and research in science and technology. The present Concept Paper provides the broad framework for development of Delhi as a major knowledge hub in India. The university together with its knowledge infrastructure significantly contributes to the development of knowledge enterprises.

The knowledge hub has state-of-the art connectivity and is networked with industries and R&D institutions. National and global networking is a part of the knowledge hub operational strategy. The focus of the knowledge hub is on the development of world-class human capital in the knowledge intensive areas of science and technology relevant to knowledge industry and knowledge based services in addition to the growth of world class relevant research and development. A knowledge hub is thus, the nucleus of both the cultivation of new knowledge as well as the Centre for Transformation of Knowledge into Prosperity through knowledge enterprise development.

The knowledge hub thrives on its strength of scaling the new and emerging areas of technology and on its capabilities of integrating science and technology together for propelling the growth of knowledge industry. In this regard it is proposed to identify the following areas of interest for the Knowledge Park. Energy Sector, Telecom Sector, lnfrastructure Engineering Sector, Information Technology Sector and Bio-and Nano- Technology Sector.

DTU is in the process of organizing corporate meet with the above corporate people from different five sectors to get conceptual idea for the construction of Knowledge Park in DTU & its day to day functioning.