East Delhi Campus

University School of Management & Entrepreneurship

The USME was established in the East Delhi campus of DTU in the year 2017, and is engaged in its mission of offering a portfolio of programmes in emerging areas of business, such as analytics and venture development, and the creation of an ecosystem for learning, research and practice in management and entrepreneurship. The school aims at becoming a practise school and seeks to provide a platform for research and key social initiatives as well as become a nodal centre for entrepreneurship.

Situated in the East of Delhi, the Campus offers programs in three disciplines - Management, Economics, and Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Development.

Faculty at USME have a background of leading institutions such as IIM Kolkata, IIM Lucknow, FMS, Delhi University, IIT Madras, Kharagpur, Mumbai, Ropar, the JNU, Delhi; the Delhi School of Economics (DSE) etc.

Over the past few years, it has conducted workshops in multiple areas of entrepreneurship, starting with orientation and boot camp for start-ups, Strategy, IT skills (R for Machine Learning, SPSS, Python, etc), Entrepreneurship and related areas, as part of the institutional affiliation with IIC, MOE; through TEQIP, and also, a host of seminars with leading persona from the industry and government, the Niti Aayog, institutions such as the IMF, and other.

Events such as the inter-college Internship Fair in 2019-20, resulted in over three hundred internship and placement offers to undergraduate students. In 2020-21, the corporate Engagement Week, an enhanced version of the Fair involving leading state Universities of Delhi (DTU, NSUT, Ambedkar University, IGDTUW) led to the participation of over 70 corporates and resulted in over six hundred internships and final placement offers in companies like Deloitte, EY, KPMG and others across sectors of analytics, digital, EdTech, finance and many others.

The students organise various events such as the annual cultural fest talks, business contests, and internship/final placement activities. Over twenty professional and liberal arts clubs are active at East Campus (an overview is present in this website), which enable students to delve deep into the industry perspectives, from careers, issues and challenges in industry and society, to professional advancement in knowledge and skills. It is a platform for a much wider, richer exposure and learning, networking with key people, and developing a much larger vision of one’s own involvement in society, industry and the nation. It also enables students to experience leadership roles, teamwork, organisational skills, and an opportunity for hands-on managerial processes and goal achievement. These clubs are supported by the Institutions both through mentoring, facilities and funding.

The Campus has added in its new academic block an additional computer centre, a state-of-art library and information centre, seminar rooms and a 200-capacity auditorium.

Final placements are coordinated by the Training and Placement Department of DTU from the main Campus, with representatives from USME, as well as the well established East Campus Placement and Training team led by faculty.