East Delhi Campus

Ph.D Scholars
S.No Full Name Roll Number Date of Admission Supervisor Co-Supervisor Part Time/ Full Time Topic of Research
1 Varsha Sehgal 2k18/PHDUSME/05 2018 Dr. Naval Garg (Assistant Professor) Dr. Jagvinder Singh (Assitant Professor) Part Time Impact of Sustainability Performance, Sustainability Disclosure on Company's Logitimacy, Reputation & Financial Performance - a Study of Selected Indian Companies
2 Shivangi Verma 2K18/PHDUSME/501 31-Dec-18 Dr. Naval Garg (Assistant Professor) Not Applicable Full Time Assessment of Antecedents and Interpersonal differenes in Techno-ethical Orientation in India
3 Shubham Singhania 2k18/PHDUSME/503 31/12/2018 Dr.Deepti Aggrawal (Assistant Professor, USME,DTU) Dr.Jagvinder Singh (Assistant Professor, Department of Operational Research, University of Delhi) Full Time "Gender Diversity and Corporate Sustainability": A Study of Selected Listed Indian Companies"
4 Reema Monga 2K18/PHDUSME/502 31-12-2018 Dr. Deepti Aggrawal, Assistant professor, USME DTU Dr. Jagvinder Singh, Assistant professor, DU Part Time A Study on Indian Stock Market Efficiency: A Multi-Dimensional Approach
5 Ruchika jain 2k18/phdusme/01 07-12-2018 Dr Naval Garg, Assistant Professor Dr Shikha N Khera, DSM Full Time Human AI Collaboration
6 Aashima 2K19/PHDUSME/502 10-Jan-20 Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Assistant Professor, NIITK Dr. Kusum Lata, Assistant Professor, USME, DTU(Caretaker Supervisor) Full Time Health Insurance
7 Mehak Nanda 2K19/PHDUSME/501 10-Jan-20 Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Assistant Professor, NIT Kurukshetra Dr. Kusum Lata, Assistant Professor, USME, DTU (Caretaker Supervisor) Full Time Health Expenditure
9 Piyush Kumar 2K20/PHDUSME/501 13/01/2021 Dr Kusum Lata Not Applicable Part Time Software Qualty Management
10 Lavi Vats 2k20/PHDUECO/508 13/01/2021 Dr.Ratnam Mishra, Assistant Professor,DTU Dr.Shekhar Tokas, Assistant Professor,SGT University Part Time A study on the role of E-commerce adoption in MSME Sector of India
11 Shilpi Gupta Vijay 2K20/PHDUSME/502 13/01/2021 Prof. Amit Mookerjee, Professor NA Full Time Role of Personality in intention to adopt social media: A study of Entrepreneurs
12 Karan Anand 2k20/phdueco/502 13-Jan-21 Dr Ratnam Mishra Dr Shekhar Tokas Part Time Migration & Remittances
13 Saurabh Pandey 2K20/PHDUSME/04 27/08/2020 Dr Deepti Aggrawal NA Part Time Marketing
14 Pushpendra Singh 2K20/PHDUIEV/02 26/08/2020 Prof. Amit Mookerjee, Director, HoD NA Part Time Barriers to Entrepreneurship
15 Abha P Shukla 2K20/PHDUIEV/01 26/08/2020 Prof. Amit Mookerjee, Director,HoD ,USME,DTU Prof. H. k. Dangi, Profesor, University of Delhi Full Time Entrepreneurship Training
16 NEHA NARULA 2K20/PHDUECO/505 13 JAN,2021 DR. KUSUM LATA, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. RAJESH SHARMA Full Time Essays on Healthy Population ageing : An Indian Perspective
17 Himanshu Singh 2k20/PHDUECO/503 13/01/2021 Dr. Ratnam Mishra, Assistant Professor Dr. Shekhar Tokas, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, SGT University Part Time Skill Development in Higher Education through Vocational Courses
18 Charu Tayal 2K20/PHDUECO/504 13-Jan-21 Dr. Kusum Lata, Assistant Professor Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Assistant Professor, NIT Kurukshetra Full Time A study on Maternal healthcare in India
19 Pawan Kumar 2K20/PHDUSME/505 13-Jan-21 Prof. Amit Mookerjee, Professor and HOD Prof. Rattan Sharma, Professor, Delhi School of Business, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies. Part Time Financial Performance and ESG (Draft Topic)
20 Gopal Mohan 2K20/PHDUSME/03 Aug-20 Dr Nidhi Maheshwari,Associate Professor NA Part Time Innovation in Governance to reach Good Governance
21 Shreya Jha 2K21/PHDUSME/01 08-02-2021 Prof. Amit Mookerjee, Professor, Department of USME, DTU Dr. Ansh Gupta, Director, Bogatchi Chocolates Full Time Effect of Customer experience on Customer loyalty towards a brand: Role of Emotions
22 SUHANS BANSAL 2K21/PHDUSME/02 08-02-2021 Dr. Naval Garg, Assistant Professor Dr. Jagvinder Singh, Assistant Professor, Depart of Operational Research, University of Delhi Full Time Cyberbullying: Assessing the other side
23 SHUBHAM PRAJAPATI 2K21/PHDUIEV/501 01-06-2022 DR. KUSUM LATA N/A Full Time Open Source and Entrepreneurship
24 Ojus 2K21/PHDUIEV/02 08-02-2021 Prof. Amit Mookerjee N/A Full Time New-Age Technology and Innovation
25 Mohan Kumar Mishra 2K21/PHDUIEV/04 Aug-21 Prof Amit Mookerjee Nil Part Time A Study of Bank Contagion in Urban Cooperative Banks in India
26 SAKSHI AGGARWAL 2K22/PHDUSME/501 14.01.2023 DR. DEEPTI AGGRAWAL Na Full Time Operations
27 PRACHI JAIN 2K22/PHDUSME/502 13-Jan-23 Dr. Priya Malhotra (Assistant Professor) NA Full Time Finance
28 STUTI SEHGAL 2K22/PHDUIEV/501 13/01/2023 Dr Kusum Lata, Assistant Professor - Part Time IEV
29 SANJEEV MALHOTRA 2K22/PHDUIEV/502 13/01/2023 Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Part Time Innovation, crowdsourcing
30 SM ROUNAQUE MUSTAFA 2K22/PHDUIEV/503 16/01/2023 Dr. Priya Malhotra, Assistant Professor Part Time Entrepreneurship - Startup survival & growth at various stages of funding / The financial sustainability of Technology Business Incubator
31 RAHUL SINGH 2K22/PHDUECO/501 13-01-2023 Dr. Deepti Aggrawal, Assistant Professor NA Part Time Health Economics
32 Sanchita Chaudhary 2k20/PHDUECO/507 13.01.2021 Dr. Ratnam Mishra, Assistant Professor NA Full Time Internationalisation of higher education: Mobility of international students in India
33 Sanchita Chaudhary 2k20/PHDUECO/507 13.01.2021 Dr. Ratnam Mishra, Assistant Professor NA Full Time Internationalisation of higher education: Mobility of international students in India