East Delhi campus


Head of Department
Dr. Amit Mookerjee
Designation: Professor Qualification: BA (Economics, Psychology), MBA, PhD in Management Specialization: CRM, customer experience, CRM metrics and analytics, customer research and insight, building customer profitability and loyalty Email: amookerjee[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Prof. K.V. Bhanu Murthy
Designation: Professor Qualification: Ph.D. in Economics Specialization: Banking and finance, environmental economics, corporate governance in banks, international business, social responsibility and business ethics. Email: bhanumurthykv[at]yahoo[dot]com
Associate Professor (Management)
Dr. Nidhi Maheshwari
Designation:Assoicate Professor, Co-Head(USME)
Qualification:MBA, LLB, Ph.D
Specialization:Human Resource Management
Email: nidhimaheshwari[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Assistant Professor (Management)
Dr. Jagvinder Singh
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: M.Sc. (Operational Research), PhD (Operations Research) Specialization: Quantitative Techniques, Operations Research, Statistics Email: jagvinder[dot]singh[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Anurag Chaturvedi
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Tech (E&C), MBA Specialization: Decision Sciences and Information Systems, Financial Markets and Derivatives Email: anurag[dot]chaturvedi[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Harleen Kaur
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.E. (IT), PGDM Specialization: Marketing, Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour Email: harleenkaur[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Priya Malhotra
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Com (H), MBA Specialization: Financial Management, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Markets, Foreign Exchange Management Email: priyamalhotra[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Varsha Sehgal
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Tech (CSE), MBA Specialization: Strategy, Business Analytics, Information Technology Email: varsha[dot]sehgal[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Pallavi Kalra
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Com (H), M.Com, M.Phil (Accounting) Specialization: Finance and Accounting Email: pallavi[dot]kalra[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Naval Garg
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Sc, M.Com, MBA, PhD Specialization: Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior Email: naval[dot]garg[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr Deepti Aggrawal
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Tech, MBA, PhD Specialization: : Decision Science, Operations Analytics, Business Statistics, Innovation Diffusion Modelling in Marketing Email: deeptiaggrawal[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Gaganmeet Kaur Awal
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Tech (CS), M.Tech (CS), Ph.D Specialization: : Machine Learning, Data Mining and DBMS, Web Analytics Email: gaganmeetkaur[dot]awal[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Kusum Lata
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Tech (CSE), M.E (CTA), Ph.D (CSE) Specialization: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Systems, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering Email: kusumlata[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Assistant Professor (Economics)
Aakanksha Kaushik
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.A.(H), M.A., M.Phil (Economics) Specialization: Public Finance, Microeconomics, Econometrics Email: aakanksha[dot]kaushik[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Virender Kumar
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.A.(H), M.A., M.Phil (Economics), Ph.D (Economics) Specialization: Monetary Economics, International Finance, Macroeconomics, Time Series Analysis, and Panel Data Analysis Email: virender[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Puneet Arora
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.A.(H) , M.A. (Economics) Specialization: Development Economics, Mathematical Methods for Economics, International Trade Email: puneet[dot]arora[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Sc., M.A. (Economics), PhD Specialization: Development Economics, Financial Economics Email: rajesh[dot]sharma[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Ratnam Mishra
Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: BA, M.A., NET-JRF, M.Phil (Economics), PhD (Economics) Specialization: Economics of Education, Micro Economics, Indian Economy, Migration and Diaspora, Rural Development Email: ratnam[dot]mishra[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Visiting Faculty
Prof. Manoj Kumar Sharma
Designation: Professor [Full Time Visiting] Qualification: BE (Mechanical Engineering), ME (Mechanical Engineering) | Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) now Delhi Technological University (DTU) | & MBA, Ph.D. (Management) | Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Specialization: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Venture Development and Strategic Management Email: prof[dot]mksharma[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Rakesh Shankar Jha
Designation: Professor [Full Time Visiting] Qualification: B.E., PGDBM, PhD Specialization: Marketing Email: rakeshshankar[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Sanjay Bhattacharya
Designation: Professor [Full Time Visiting] Qualification: B.Arch., M.Tech., MBA, PhD in Strategic Management Specialization: Strategic Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Infrastructure Management Email: sanjayb[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Anshul Ujlayan
Designation: Associate Professor [Full Time Visiting] Qualification: B.Sc (Statistics), M.Sc (Statistics), PhD in Management [Operation] Specialization: Applied Statistics, Data mining, Ontology, Knowledge Graph, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Graph DB. Email: anshulujlayan[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in