Department of Humanities

PEOs & POs
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. To impart essential skills required for effective communication in personal and professional life for the global employment scenario.

2. To enable the students to understand the basic economic theories to understand economic aspect of their profession to maximize returns.

3. To understand the economic environment in which they have to operate.

4. To develop high standard of ethical and moral considerations.

Program Outcomes (POs)

1. To empower students with basic skills of communication in English.

2. To develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to enhance presentation skills as well as critical analysis and insight.

3. To prepare students for placement interviews, group discussion and technical description.

4. To give an insight into basic theories of the Economics at Micro and Macro level.

5. To give them insight of Econometrics for understanding the economy better and to enable the students to forecast for future on the basis of data analysis.

6. To train the students for Professional Ethics and Human Values.

7. To emphasize the goal of sustainable development and inclusive growth of all sections of society.