Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

PEOs & POs
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PEO 1: To become efficient design leads, managers and entrepreneurs for industries dealing with Electronics and Communication products

PEO 2: To be able to do independent/collaborative research and pursue higher education in the field of engineering and management.

PEO 3: To demonstrate self-directed life-long learning to adapt to the continuously evolving engineering/ industrial scenario.

PEO 4: To evolve into an all-round, well conversant, socially and ethically responsible individual with proven skills.


1. Apply the fundamental knowledge of basic sciences and engineering to analyze and evaluate problems in the diverse and allied areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

2. Implement the acquired technical knowledge to design systems and solve complex, domain-specific and interdisciplinary engineering problems.

3. Identify and innovate professionally ethical, socially relevant and sustainable solutions to engineering problems.


1. To continually improve the quality of teaching and research by meeting the demands of all stakeholders satisfactorily.

2. To anticipate and meet the expectations of students, industry, academia and the community by adopting best practices.

3. To provide multidisciplinary center’s of excellence to promote research and encourage the generation of innovative ideas and products.

4. To upgrade the quality of faculty by promoting higher education, research funding, faculty development programs, and industry-academia interaction.

5. To promote an overall propensity to assume social responsibility based on the acquired competencies

Course Outcomes (Even Semester)

Course Outcomes (odd Semester)