Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

PEOs & POs
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) UG

PEO1 Inculcation of an ability to understand and apply the subject-specific knowledge to the practical problems in the areas of electronics and communication engineering

PEO2 Encouragement of a team-led effort to investigate and provide ecologically sustainable, cost-effective solutions to the problems in the subject area

PEO3 Enhancement of competence in engineering modelling and experimental capabilities to pursue research oriented higher education

PEO4 Creation of all-round, well conversant, socially and ethically responsible individuals with excellent communication skills

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PG VLSI Design and Embedded Systems

PEO1 Application of core-engineering knowledge to solve real-world problems in the areas of VLSI design and embedded systems, and to produce innovative products and systems in these domains

PEO2 Encouragement of entrepreneurship in these domains by integration of sustainability with efficiently designed systems

PEO3 Honing the educational, and research oriented-skills of the students for their easy merger into a future career in research or academia

PEO4 Creation of design engineers with excellent ability to communicate, along with a morally responsible behaviour

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PG Signal Processing and Digital System Design

PEO1 Development of a research-oriented approach to solving problems in the areas of signal processing and digital system design

PEO2 Providing opportunities for research and development in the connected application-specific sub-areas of signal processing

PEO3 Adapting the minds of the student community for academic, research or industry-specific careers

PEO4 Inculcation of a socially responsible behaviour along with a highly skilled communication ability

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PG Microwave and Optical Communication Engineering

PEO1 Encourage innovation and research in the areas of microwave and optical communication by a combined application of the subject-knowledge expertise and practical suitability

PEO2 Exposure to the innovative experimental, and computational techniques and algorithms which can be used to address real-world problems in these domains

PEO3 Development of a strong foundation in the combined areas of physics, mathematics and engineering necessary to formulate, solve and analyse problems in the domains of microwave and optical communications

PEO4 Creation of holistic engineers with an appropriate sense of moral responsibility