Department of Applied Chemistry
It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Department of Applied Chemistry at Delhi Technological University.

During the 75 year long journey that started in 1941 by Delhi Polytechnic to become Delhi Technological University, the department has also grown to its heights. We feel pride in having a glorious past as our department is the parent department of Textile Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments, which have been en-bloc shifted to IIT Delhi in 1960s. Also, the department has always provided ground to raise and flourish new engineering streams viz. Biotechnology, Polymer Science and Chemical Technology in the university.

The department is committed to equip technocrats with strong knowledge of applied chemistry and traditional & advanced analytical technologies. This enables the engineers not only to understand the nature of the chemicals and materials at molecular, atomic and sub-atomic level, but also creates ability to modify the architecture of the molecules to incorporate desired mechanical, thermal, electrical and electronic properties to the existing materials. All the faculty members of the department strive to achieve the ultimate goal to prepare the future scientists and engineers, who can address the diverse needs of the industry and can become the societal problem solvers.

Thank you very much for your interest in our department.

Dr. Archna Rani
Head of Department
Applied Chemistry
Delhi Technological University