Department of Applied Chemistry

Labs and Infrastructure

S. No.

Name of Laboratory

Name of the important Equipments


General Chemistry Lab

Electronic Balance; Air dry Oven; Heating Mantles; Distilled water plant


Polymer Processing Lab

Blow film plant; Hand injection molding machine; Extrusion blow molding; two roll mill; ultrasonic welding of plastic; Box compression strength tester; Pouch packaging machine


Polymer Testing Lab

Universal Testing Machine; Melt Flow Indexer; Dielectric Strength Tester; Split Tear Tester; Burst Strength Tester; Heat Deflection Tester; Softening Point Apparatus; IRHD Tester; ESCR Tester;

Water Vapor Permeability Tester; Dart Impact Tester; Ross Flex Tester; Shoe Flex Tester; Coefficient of Friction Tester; DIN Abrasion Tester; Rockwell Hardness Tester; Melt Flow Indexer; Resilience Tester; Opacity; Tensile Testing; Opacity Tester


Instrumentation Lab

FTIR Apparatus; Nanoflash; DMA Apparatus; Vapor Pressure Osmometer; Dilatometer; Oscillating Disc Rheometer; Brookfield Viscometer; Tearing Strength Tester; Hydraulic PELLET Press; Thermo-gravimetric Analyzer


MTech Lab

HPLC; Notch Cutter; Melt flow; Izod / Charpy Impact Tester); Heat Deflection Temperature / Vicat Softening Temperature Apparatus Equipments; Particle Size Analyzer


Innovation Lab

Muffle Furnace (50-1100 oC); Ultrasonicator; Electronic Weighing Balance; Vacuumed Furnace and vacuum pump; Potentiostat / Galvanostat Model PG16125-EC; Hydrothermal Vessel; UV-Visible Spectrophotometer; FTIR Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer); Rotary Evaporator; Ozonolyzer; Milli-Q water purification system; Centrifuge machine; Water shaker bath; Autoclave; Oven; Laminar air flow; Potentiostat / Galvanostat Autolab


Fiber Technology Lab

Beaker dyeing machine; Deep freezer; Electrospinning machine; Hot air oven; high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine; lab centrifuge; pH Meter; UV-Vis Spectrophotometer; Ultrasonic cleaner; wet spinning machine; weighing balance


Research Laboratory I

Potentiostat/galvanostat; Differential scanning calorimetry ; Thermogravimetric analyzer; Double beam UV-visible spectrophotometer; Four probe; Electrophoretic deposition unit; Oven; Distillation unit; Sonicator; Rotoviscometer; Deep freezer (-20oC); Vacuum filtration unit



Computers, Printers; Softwares: ChemOffice, AutoCAD, ProE


Synthesis Lab

Melting Point Apparatus; Air Dry Oven; Rotary Evaporator; Electronic Balance


Polymer Chemistry Lab

Redwood Viscometer (1 & 2); Melting Point Apparatus; Pensky-Martens Apparatus


Chemical Technology Lab

Digital refractometer; Double pipe heat exchanger; Stefan boltzmann apparatus; Simple steam distillation; Apparatus for Thermal conductivity of metal rod & liquid; Thermal conductivity of insulation slab; Heat transfer in natural & forced convection; Dropwise/filmwise condensation; Emissivity measurement; Vapour liquid equilibrium; Liquid-liquid extraction in packed bed; Adsorption in packed bed; Sieve plate distillation; Absorption in packed bed


Material Science Lab

Heating Mantles; Muffle Furnace


Reaction Engineering Lab

Flocculation test unit; Kinetics of dissolution of benzoic acid; Annular UV Photo reactor; Polymerization reactor; Adiabatic batch reactor; Emulsion polymerization reactor; RTD Study packed bed reactor; Mixed flow reactor; Plug flow reactor; Isothermal continuous stirred tank reactor; Tubular flow reactor auto titrators