Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Department Of Mechanical Engineering and Production & Industrial Engineering has seen Considerable growth Since its inception in 1941 With the intake rising from 30 to 260 (149 for Mechanical, 37 for production & Industrial Engineering, and 74 for Automobile Engineering). The department of Mechanical engineering also Offers Post Graduate courses with specialization in Thermal Engineering and Production Engineering with total intake of 42 Students. PhD Programs in all fields of Mechanical Engineering are also offered. In addition, the department also offers four years' B.Tech. Programme for working Diploma Engineers with an annual intake of 37 students.

The department possesses modern laboratories equipped with latest experimental set-ups and research facilities for instrumentation, experimental stress analysis, strength of materials, fluid mechanics, tic, engines, automotive engineering, robotics, heat transfer, solar energy, flexible manufacturing system, computational fluid dynamics supported by Software like view-flex, CAD-CAM and I.e. engine design. Cad lab has Software?s like NX-LAD, NXCAM, AUTOCAD Inventor, Katia, Techomatix , Abu?s, ladino, NX-Narran, Hyper mesh, hyper works, MDADAMS,Dynaform etc. Fluent software is available in the CFD Centre. Industrial Engineering lab has software: SPSS, Witness and lingo 7. The department has developed eco\AD friendly technology using alternate refrigerants in the RAC lab for re-directing global warming and Ozone depletion. Research and development is facilitated by NT enabled workstations and competitive robots with digital controller. In addition, microprocessors, micro controllers, PlC, spectrum analyzer and logic analyzer are available for project work. The department has a modern workshop equipped with latest machinery in Fitting, Machine shop and facility of welding shop comprises of pulse TIG, ultrasonic welding and submerged arc welding. The students are given hands on experience on CNC Drilling & CNC lathe machine EDM& wire EDM.

The department is having a bio-diesel research. Different species of TBO and non-edible oil such as manual, linseed, high FFA rice bran oil, jatropha, Karanja, vegetable oil algae are converted to bio-diesel as per quality standard of ASTM 0-6751. The Centre developed small to medium capacity bio-diesel processing units. The research projects are sponsored by different government organization like ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India, and Conservation Research modern laboratories and research facilities for fluid mechanics, I.C. engines, automotive engineering, robotics, solar energy, flexible manufacturing system, facilitated by NT enabled workstations and R&D; competitive robots with digital controller Association. Yan mar Co. Ltd., Osaka Japan, funded project has started in December 2007 for the performance and Endurance test on diesel engine on heat bio diesel for 1500 hours. The department has been awarded a research project titled "Development of Ice slurry production Technology" under research promotion scheme by AICTE.A project on "Development of solar Photovoltaic Powered Vehicle" has been approved by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. of India. Recently a project for the production of bto-diesel From waste cooking oil (generated in hotels & restaurant etc.) Has been awarded by Department of Health and Environment Govt. of NCT of Delhi. The Department also organizes Invited lectures, conferences and short-term Courses for the benefits of students and Faculty members.

The Mechanical Engineering Department has an active SAE student Chapter, a first in India and one of the Largest student chapters in the world. This is the only student chapter which Takes part in almost all student vehicles Design competitions of SAE like Formula Students, Mini Baja, and Super Mileage besides other international vehicle design competitions like Alternative Energy Vehicle. This year Team Extreme students have participated in an international event SASOl Baja SAE, South Africa and declared runners up in the coveted "Best Design Report" category. In the past students participated in AUV and Solar Energy Car competitions held in USA and Australia respectively. The students have also participated in the competition conducted by NASA USA men paddled moon vehicle by the name MOON BAGGI and CHANDER YAN, where DCE students have won prestigious awards. The department also has ISHRAE student chapter. Under the aegis of these student chapters, industrial visits and specialized lectures are conducted.
The department has well qualified faculty, who produce numerous publications in international/national journals, highlighting the emphasis on research and development. The industrial engineering courses of the department have been designed in a way to develop the students to have managerial and decision making skills thus preparing them for the competitive global business environment.

PhD.Programs :
Scholarships are available for research and development in the areas of thermal engineering, power plants, t.c . engines, tribology, alternate fuels, refrigeration and air conditioning, turbo Machinery, gas dynamics, machine design, machine dynamics. Kinematics, stress analysis, fluid mechanics, instrumentation, finite element analysts. Foundry technology, metrology, welding technology, supply chain management simulation of the system, CFD and solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy.

M.Tech Program:

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