Department of Computer Science & Engineering
The quality of life has improved significantly with advent of computers. PC, Laptop, Internet and Teleconference have become household commodities. Hence the career prospects young generation are bright in the various field of computer including networking software engineering, web designing. Multimedia, data mining etc. Department has developed state-of-the-art laboratories in the various fields of computer engineering-Computer Architecture Lab, Network Lab, Web Designing Lab, Image processing and Multimedia Lab, Database management and Data Mining Lab, Computation and programming Lab, Operating System Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, Software Design Lab, Software Testing Lab. These labs are equipped with latest configuration PCs and are completely networked with latest software.

The curriculum in computer science & engineering lays greater emphasis on design principles and development of system software for operating systems, Database management systems, data mining, computer graphics and networks. In addition to this requirement engineering, software testing, software packages and CASE tools which are the need of the day are integral part of the course curriculum. Miniaturizing in Computer technology, audio -video, and image processing, storage and retrieval, data processing, communication and Nano-technology etc. are going to affect the computer knowledge in the coming decades. The curriculum in the Department of computer science & engineering has been recently revised and state of art subjects such as Advance computer Networks, bio Informatics, Grid and Cluster Computing, Data Compression, Natural language Processing etc. have been include as electives. The revised curriculum lays emphasis on nurturing the talent of students for top industries across the Globe, for pursuing higher studies and R&D; work in national and international universities.Students are trained by covering state of art topics in the industrial training, minor project and open area seminars.

The department has been offering M.E. degree level Programme in Computer Technology and application since 1996. The department started in software engineering in 2009 and the M.E. in computer technology and applications has been renamed as in computer science and engineering. In 2011, department has started (software Technology) with an intake of 20. The curriculum forces on the future needs of software industry in the areas of design of CASE Tools, development of software testing Techniques and tools, design of qualities software, machine learning technology and principles ,multimedia technologies, swam intelligence etc. The students are doing research work and publishing numerous papers in national/ international conferences and journals in the latest areas such as search engine, semantic web, ontology, information system security, requirements engineering, security engineering, software quality and metrics, data mining, mobile technologies, ip verification etc. as a part of their major and project.

The source of our success is our outstanding and internationally recognized faculty members. The department has expanded by recruiting highly qualified faculty members at various levels. Besides teaching, the faculty members have been actively involved in various research and professional activities like member of editorial boards of leading journals. There have been numerous publications by the faculty journals/conferences covering latest areas of research such as requirement engineering, software quality and metrics, software testing, data mining and machine learning. Several technical books have been authored by the faculty Members of the department. The research of faculty members is supported under various research grant programmes by AICTE, DST, UGC and CSIR.

The Department of computer engineering offers doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programmes. Excellent facilities large number of problems have been taken up in close collaboration with industries .The Ph.D. degree is awarded in the areas of Networking, Artificial Neural network, Speech recognition, Image processing, Microchips, Nano-technology, Requirements Engineering, Software Quality & Testing, Swam Intelligence etc. The college also offers certain number of scholarships to full time Ph.D. students. Moreover, AICTE, UGC, CSIR, DST and other scholarship awardees can also take up Ph.D. Program.

The department has a very active student chapter of Computer Society of India (CSI) and contributes significantly in professional activities undertaken by IEEE and IET students0 chapters of DTU. In order to channelize the tremendous potential of the students, CSI-DTU student branch organizes a technical festival named ?PHOENIX? which comprises of several technical events like LAN Gaming, Business Plan, Animation, Web Designing, Algorithm design etc. the department has also recently constituted Society of Software Engineering(SSE-DTU) for the engineers and the researchers in the software engineering discipline. The aim of SSE-DTU is to regularly organize conferences workshops and technical fests in software engineering related advances and research. SSE-DTU serves as a forum for networking, information sharing, idea exchange and problem solving for the software engineering community.

The department takes immense interest in conducting professional activities such as organizing workshops, seminars and expert lectures to meet the challenges in the IT industry The department has started an open access, peer reviewed journal titles ?Software Engineering: An International journal?. The future agenda of the department is to further augment these professional activities Our students are highly sought after by the software industry and many of our graduates and post graduates are holding top positions in IT industry all over the globe. Companies like Google, yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Future First, NTPC, Gail, EIL, TRAI and Schlumberger are regular recruiters.
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