Department of Biotechnology

Recent Events

(A) DTU-Sponsored One Day International E-Symposium on ‘Women in Science’ [FEBRUARY 11, 2021] The aim of this international e-symposium was to recognize the thumping presence of women in science and management. In the symposium, globally acclaimed women scientists and entrepreneurs shall traversed us through their journey of cutting-edge research with lectures designed to inspire and empower young females to choose their careers in STEM fields.

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(B) International conference of innovation in Biotechnology and Life sciences ICIBLS 2020 Website: [DECEMBER 18th, 2020]

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International Conference on Innovations in Biotechnology and Life Sciences 2020 hosted by the Department of Biotechnology (Delhi Technological University) aims to provide a conducive environment that will enable accomplished scientists to share their experiences and research accomplishments related to novel and fundamental advances in the field of Biotechnology and Life Sciences. In these restricted times, the conference will also serve to foster communication and opportunities to those working in many interdisciplinary scientific domains with common interests to converge on a virtual forum. Being a virtual conference, it will also allow vivid scientific ideas to flourish without any demographic restraints.

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(C) DTU-Sponsored One Week International E-Workshop on Bioinformatics [DECEMBER 14 -18, 2020]

Department of Biotechnology, Delhi Technological University organized DTU-Sponsored One-week International Bioinformatics E-Workshop was organized on December 14-18, 2020. The workshop highlighted leading-edge research on emerging technologies and techniques for capturing, processing, analyzing and modeling data and information for a range of scientific and healthcare applications. The topics progressed from the Introduction of Bioinformatics and its Methods, Bioinformatics Approaches in the Current Pandemic, Data Handling, Translational Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Metagenomics and Next Generation Sequencing.

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