Department of Biotechnology

Labs & Infrastructure

S. No.

Name of the Laboratory

Name of the Important equipment’s


Molecular Biology & RDT Laboratory

PCR machine, Laminar Flow, Western-blot apparatus, Vortex Shaker, pH meter, Colorimeter, Visiscan, Microscope, Conductivity meter, Centrifuge, Microcentrifuge, Heating Mantle, UV transilluminator, Autoclave, Spectrophotometer, Hot air oven


Plant Biotechnology Laboratory

Weighing Balance, Heating plate, pH meter, microwave oven, sonicator, mini centrifuge, remi centrifuge, water bath, double distillation unit, autoclave, binocular microscope, Laminar air flow, Refrigerator, PCR, Electrophoresis Unit, Vacuum pump, Incubator, Environmental Chamber, Tissue culture Rack, Gel doc unit.


Computational Biology Laboratory

Computers, Projector


Nano-Bioelectronics Laboratory

Hot air oven, centrifuge, milliQ, Electrophoresis Equipment, Water bath, Muffle furnace, Magnetic stirrer, ultrasonicator, electric balance, heating plate, screen printer, digital multimeter, digital micro-voltmeter, vacuum evaporator, for probe conductivity meter, UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer, pH meter, surface Plasmon resonance, electrochemical analyzer, microfluidic pump, deep freezer, refrigerator


Stem Cell Research Laboratory

Refrigerator, Remi Centrifuge, Microwave oven, Magnetic Stirrer, Laminar Air Flow, Mini Electrophoresis Unit, Microcentrifuge, Vacuum Pump


Molecular Neuroscience and Functional Genomics Laboratory

PCR machine, Laminar Flow, Western-blot apparatus, CO2 incubator, Inverted Microscope, Hybridization unit, Rotatory Shaker, pH meter, Refrigerator, Digital Microscope Camera, Microtome.


Biochemistry & Immunology Laboratory

Spectrophotometer, Microwave oven, Ice Flaking Machine, Water bath, double distillation unit, Heating Mantle, Rotatory shaker, Magnetic stirrer, Vortex Shaker, Laminar Air Flow, Centrifuge, Microcentrifuge


Immunotherapeutic Laboratory

Refrigerator (GL-365),-200C Refrigerator, CO2 Incubator, Vertical Laminar Airflow, Electronic balance, Inverted Microscope, Magnetic Stirrer, Rotatory Shaker, Test tube rotator


Genome Informatics Laboratory

Workstation, laptops Canon printer/photocopier, HP laser jet color printer, Compuerts


Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory

Autoclave, Binocular, Microscope, Bioreactor, Colorimeter, Conductivity meter, Cooling Incubator, Deep freezer(-80°c), Digital balance, Hach’s water quality multi-parameter with various electrodes, heating mantle, hot air oven, hot plate, hybridization chamber, internet facility, Laminar air flow, lyophilizer, magnetic stirrer, microcentrifuge, pH meter, projector with online UPS, Refrigerator, Rocker shaker, Soxhlet, Titration facility, TLC, Vortex, Water chiller