Department of Biotechnology

The faculty members of the department are excellent teachers and research scientists, and they have published papers of international reputes in high impact factor (IF) peer-reviewed journals, including Chemical Reviews (IF: 54.3), Nature Genetics (IF: 27.6); Immunity (IF: 22.6); Autophagy (IF: 10.79); Ageing Research Review (IF:10.616); Biosensors and Bioelectronics (IF: 10.25); Plant Cell (IF: 9.78); Journal of Hazardous Materials (IF: 9.03); Genomics, FASEB, Human Mutation, BBA Molecular Basis of Diseases, Human Molecular Genetics, Database, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Journal of Neurochemistry, Journal of Translational Medicine, Pharmacogenomics, BMC Genomics, Journal of Immunology, Scientific Reports, Industrial Crops and products, Journal of Alzheimer Disease, PloS etc. Our faculty members are also in the editorial/reviewer board of various journals including Nature publishing group, Elsevier, Springer, Oxford, Wiley, Transactions, BMC, ACS, Bentham etc. Moreover, they are the members of many selection committees and in the grant agencies of the Government of India and overseas agencies.

Cumulative Impact factors: 1600+; Cumulative h-index: 200+; Cumulative citation index: 20000+; Extra mural Grant: INR 8 Crores+

Head of Department
Prof. Yasha Hasija Designation: Professor Qualification: B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD Specialization: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics Email: yashahasija[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in, yashahasija06[at]gmail[dot]com
Prof. Pravir Kumar Designation: Professor Qualification: MS (BHU), PhD (Germany), PDF/Faculty (Boston, USA) Specialization: Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience, Functional Genomics, Drug screening and discovery, Cardiovascular Physiology, Neurooncology Email: pravirkumar[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Prof. Jai Gopal Sharma Designation: Professor Qualification: PhD Specialization: Bioremediation, Water Quality Management, Larviculture, Radiation Biology Email: sharmajaigopal[at]gmail[dot]com sharmajaigopal[at]dce[dot]ac[dot]in
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Dr. Asmita Das Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: PhD (post Doc) Specialization: Immunodiagnostics and therapeutics Email:
Dr. Navneeta Bharadwaj Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: PhD Specialization: Email: navneetab[at]dce[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Smita Rastogi Verma Designation: Assistant Professor (Contractual) Qualification: M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D. Specialization: Molecular Biology Email: smitar[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Prakash Chandra Designation: Assistant Professor (Contractual) Qualification: Ph.D. Specialization: Nanobiotechnology, Tissue engineering,Toxicology and Biomicrofluidics Email: prakashchandra[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in
Dr. Kriti Bhandari Designation: Assistant Professor (Contractual) Qualification: Ph.D. Specialization: Biochemical engineering Email: kritibhandari[at]dtu[dot]ac[dot]in