Computer Centre : Labs & Infrastructure
DTU computer centre presently has around 200 computers connected into LAN in two floors providing internet access and programming facilities to all software related laboratories of all the departments of the college, predominantly COE, IT, ECE, EE and Maths departments.

The academic buildings/library/administrative blocks and all the hostels of DTU are interconnected using Wi-Fi with limited number of access points. The Administrative Block, Training and Placement Block, Convocation Hall and Library are also connected via Optical Fiber Cable Network (OFCN).

Presently Computer Centre has the following equipment.

  1. • Layer-3 Switches (Cisco / Dax)

  2. • Layer-2 Switches (Cisco / Dax / D Link)

  3. • ISP Routers (Cisco )

  4. • ISP Bandwidth from National Knowledge Network (NKN) 1Gbps Link and Bharti Airtel- 50 Mbps

  5. • Modems (Key mile LECAR)

  6. • Checkpoint R77 UTM

  7. • Servers (HP, Wipro, Dell, HCL)

  8. • Base station radios, routers for Wi-Fi based campus-wide network.