Department of Design

Design links science, technology, aesthetics and humanistic values with overarching goal of sustainable growth and competitiveness. Managers can fine tune business competitiveness with ‘design thinking’ that inherently has metamorphism, empathy, rationalism, empiricism, and systems thinking in its foundation. Department of Design has been established to emerge as a centre of excellence to promote design thinking, innovation and creativity.

In the recent past, a lot of emphasis has been placed on innovations, creativity, design and development by the business houses to remain relevant in the industry. Delhi Technological University (DTU) has a strong tradition of academic excellence, harnessing the power of interdisciplinary thinking, and blending academia with practice. The Four Year B. Des. Programme has been prepared by experts drawn from top-notch institutes and universities. The programme has been structured to bring out hidden potential of creativity and innovation of the youth of this country.

The goal of B. Des. Programme is to develop students as innovative designers. The programme provides a strong foundation in design principles and the inspiration and encouragement to students who want to launch their own business or innovate in the context of product and processes in the corporate, government and business sectors. The programme structure is directed towards development of the ability to transform an abstract idea into everyday functional and usable products and services.

The combination of a flexible curriculum, a wide array of learning opportunities and a conducive learning environment is the hallmark of the Design programme of Department of Design. With an emphasis on seeing the bigger picture from social, technological and business perspective, our rich curriculum and renowned faculty enable students to solve complex design problems and establish themselves as leading designers in any environment.

Our invaluable and lifelong alumni network provides a strategic advantage to the students looking to excel in the corporate, government and social sectors. Being the Founder Head of the Department, I invite the aspirants of design to come to Delhi Technological University and explore the universe!

Prof. Ranganath M. Singari
Department of Design
Delhi Technological University