Department of Software Engineering

From the Desk of Head of Department

Prof. Ruchika Malhotra
Software Engineering has emerged as an important discipline to create capabilities of computing, networking and applications which pervade to all activities of human endeavour. Whether small applications on modern mobiles for games and entertainment, software to drive large scale system integration on a chip, application software for an intelligent traffic system, image processing, empowering an autonomous vehicle with capabilities of self-navigation, simulation and modelling of complex phenomena and systems or a host of software for management of an enterprise, it requires the genius of man to integrate the advancement taking place in science and engineering. The all-pervading nature of software applications has made software engineering one of the most versatile branches of engineering benefitting one and all in society.

Software Engineers have the challenge to cope up with the rapidly reducing lifecycle of the software as well as new product development. This requires a high degree of imaginative capabilities powered by the intuition of the software researchers to conceive newer methods of solving the intricate problems with ease and speed. Empirical studies are effective as they provide for easy validation with real life data. The transparency of the field makes software engineering a flagship discipline of computer science.

The discipline of Software Engineering was introduced in the year 2009 with the establishment of Delhi Technological University. The department is currently running a B.Tech program in Software Engineering, an M.Tech program in Software Engineering and offers Ph.D. in the Discipline of Computer Science and Software Engineering. The courses aim to impart the necessary training and education about software development practices.

The department is striving hard to achieve its goal of providing innovative research and quality education to the students. The department aims to empower software industries by providing analytical, research-oriented and technology-driven talent. At the department, you will find an unparalleled, flexible curriculum consisting of various industry-relevant courses such as software engineering, empirical software engineering, software testing, software quality and metrics, data analysis, predictive modelling, machine learning, algorithm design & analysis, natural language processing, big data analytics.

The department has the best kind of infrastructure, teaching faculty and laboratories. The students are placed in prestigious companies such as Google, Directi, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Adobe Systems, etc. The department is proud of its distinguished alumni who are spread worldwide.

The department offers many research opportunities for the students. I welcome the students to the Department of Software Engineering and hope your stay with us is safe and enjoyable.

Prof. Ruchika Malhotra
Head of Department
Software Engineering
Delhi Technological University