Multidisciplinary Centre for Geoinformatics

   1. Defense, Security and Intelligence    1. Target detection, target enhancement algorithms such as super
resolution and automation of target detection process
   2. Camouflage breaking
   3. Terrain analysis, trafficability
   4. Military operations planning support
   5. Homeland security, tracking and bursting hideouts
   2. Water Resources and Glaciology    1. Water Resources assessment
   2. Watershed Analysis and Planning
   3. Water Resources Development & Management
   4. Glaciology
   5. GLOF and glacier related disasters and mitigation
   3. Urban Infrastructure Development and Planning and Urban Transportation Systems    1. Fundamentals of fields of planning in urban, regional,
environmental, transport and infrastructural sector
   2. Analysis for the development and improvement in urban utilities,
facilities and service using Geospatial Technologies
   3. Geospatial Technologies for urban, regional analysis
   4. Geo-Spatial Technologies for Urban and Regional Environment
   5. Urban Transport systems
   6. Smart Cities
   4. Earth sciences, Oceanography, Soil and Geosciences (Geomorphology & Geology)    1. Natural resources related studies with emphasis on renewables
   2. Ocean studies (both static and dynamic), ocean productivity,
ocean state modelling etc.
   3. Earth Science and Planetary Geology
   4. Data Processing and Analysis for Geosciences
   5. Applied and Tectonic Geomorphology
   6. Engineering Geology and Groundwater
   5. Environment, Forest, Atmosphere, Meteorology Climate change and Pollution    1. Modelling and research in environment, atmosphere and
   2. Forest biomass estimation, forest inventory, biophysical estimation,
species studies etc
   3. Air quality and climate change research
   4. Ecosystems and climate change research
   5. Energy and climate change research
   6. Human health and climate research
   6. Geohazards and Disaster Management    1. Flood modelling, inundation modelling, flood hazard assessment
   2. Landslide detection, earthquake and tsunami forecast and
   3. Cyclone forecast and monitoring
   4. Drought assessment
   5. Forest fire detection and mapping
   7. Satellite Image Analysis and Photogrammetry    1. Processing of the state of the art technology sensor data
   2. Image Processing and pattern recognition
   3. .Digital Photogrammetry and Mapping
   4. Mathematical Computing for Geospatial data analysis
   8. Geographic Information System (GIS)    1. Spatial Data Quality
   2. Programming Skills Development for Geo-Processing
   3. Spatial Database Handling, Modelling and GIS Implementing
   4. Geo-Statistics
   5. GIS Big data analytics