Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Vision and Mission

To foster education, innovation and research in the frontline areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering for the sustainable growth of nation and service to the mankind


M1 To impart quality education in diverse and allied areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering

M2 To create an atmosphere of academic and research excellence through networking with academia, industry and research organizations of repute.

M3 To develop versatile, ethically driven and socially responsible Electronics and Communication Engineers with passion for creativity and lifelong learning.

M4 To encourage the students for incubation and inculcate entrepreneur skills to provide reasonable and sustainable solutions for societal needs.

Quality Objectives

1. To continually improve the quality of teaching and research by meeting the demands of all stakeholders satisfactorily.

2. To anticipate and meet the expectations of students, industry, academia and the community by adopting best practices.

3. To provide multidisciplinary center’s of excellence to promote research and encourage the generation of innovative ideas and products.

4. To upgrade the quality of faculty by promoting higher education, research funding, faculty development programs, and industry-academia interaction.

5. To promote an overall propensity to assume social responsibility based on the acquired competencies