Department of Electrical Engineering

Labs & Infrastructure
Electrical Engineering Department has well equipped labs for B.Tech and M.Tech programs.

Name of Laboratory: Electrical Energy Utilization


Officer Incharge of the Laboratory: Dr. M. Rizwan


Laboratory Technical Staff: Mr. T.P.S Rana, Mr. Vicky Prasad


Research Scholars: Mr. M. Tausif Ahmad, Ms. Priyanka Chaudhary, Mr. Astitva Kumar, Ms. Shagufta Khan


Name of Major Equipments/software(s):



  2. Power Quality Analyzer

  3. PV System

  4. 3 Phase Inverter

  5. Power Conditioning Unit

  6. Digital Storage Oscilloscope


  8. Motorsolve

  9. ETAP


Name of Sponsored Project(s):

DST/SERB Project: Modelling and Development of Controller for PV System Integration into Electricity Distribution Networks

Amount of Grants: 24.79 Lakhs

Duration: 2013- 2016

Principal Investigator: Dr. M. Rizwan

AICTE Project: Some Investigation on Power Quality Issues in RES based Power Systems

Amount of Grants: 12.57 Lakhs

Duration: 2013- 2016

Principal Investigator: Dr. M. Rizwan

Research Facilities/Experimental Setup Available:

  • Modeling and Simulation of PV/RES Systems

  • Development of D-STATCOM and its Applications

  • PV based applications

  • Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

  • Power Quality Analysis

  • Energy Meter Testing

  • Illumination Engineering