Delhi School of Management

PEOs & POs
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO 1 : Graduates shall possess the ability to understand and apply core subject knowledge to various business and management problems.

PEO 2 : The graduates will be able to develop effective policies and practices within an organization resulting in wealth creation for all the stakeholders.

PEO 3 : The graduates shall possess relevant set of skills and knowledge to pursue higher education and research in the area of specialization.

PEO 4 : The graduates shall possess effective verbal and written communication skills.

PEO 5 : The graduates will possess high ethical and social skills and look at the larger good.

Program Outcomes (POs)

The Management Graduates will be:

1. Awareness : Aware about the socio-economic environment, both domestic & international and its implications on business.

2. Analytical and Problem Solving Skills: Able to identify, formulate and critically analyze business problems using modern day managerial tools to enhance decision making capabilities.

3. State-of-the-art skills and knowledge: Possessing the ability to create, select and apply state-of-the-art management and technical skills and be prepared for cross-functional positions in industry.

4. Vigilant: Able to identify and evaluate potential market opportunities in the Indian and global scenario.

5.Overall personality: Possessing a strong personality integrated with strong values and positive attitude so as to be receptive to the changing environment.

6. Broad Perspective : In a position to analyze and evaluate the issues that arise out of the greater integration of the Indian economy with the global environment.

7. Sensitive to the changing needs: Aware and sensitive to societal concerns and work towards development of sustainable solutions to problems at large.

8 . Environment and sustainability : Able to understand the effect of better management of resources and demonstrate the ability to develop and use sustainable solutions to business problems.

9. Ethics: Able to identify and react to differences in business culture and ethics in national and international business scenario.

10. Communication : Possessing excellent communication skills and will be in a position to communicate effectively on management issues both within and outside the organization, such as, being able to write reports and design documentation, make effective and impressive presentations and give and receive clear instructions.

11. Lifelong Learning : students of life, they will recognize the need for continuous updating of knowledge and skills in order to remain relevant and meaningful for the organization and society at large.