Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Welcome to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Delhi Technological University. The department of Computer Science & Engineering started in 1989 and has made astounding progress in the last 28 years. We have strong undergraduate programs in computer science. It started B.Tech Computer Engineering with an intake of 20 students and currently offers B.Tech in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering & Information Technology. It admits M.Tech in Computer Engineering, Information Systems & Software Engineering and PhD programs. It is the nerve centre of DTU and is one of the most sought after and reputed learning centre for Computer & allied disciplines in Asia. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programmes. Excellent facilities are available to conduct research and a large number of problems have been taken up in close collaboration with industries.

The department is committed to research and innovation in software and hardware relevant to industry. It concentrates on high academic standard backed by updated syllabus and industrial partnership. The primary focus of the curriculum in the department is to impart technical knowledge to students, promote their problem development & solving skills and innovation of new technologies. Department offers large number of elective courses in order to provide wide spectrum of options to the students so that they can pursue their interest. The course contents of the department are regularly updated keeping in mind new technological developments and industrial requirements. The undergraduate students are motivated to undertake various research-oriented projects.  Its enviable placement record reflects the success story of the department.

The department has a excellent record in both teaching and research. It has taken various projects in collaboration with industry. It has highly qualified faculty with rich teaching & research experience. The faculty members are involved in cutting edge research and have publications in high impact international journals. They have been recognized with prestigious awards at both national and international levels. Several faculty members serve on the editorial boards of leading international journals and international conferences.

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Dr. Rajni Jindal
Head of Department
Computer Science and Engineering
Delhi Technological University