Department of Biotechnology
Department of Biotechnology was founded in 2004 with a vision to make an impact through research and technology based training. The department has teaching and research programmes which encompass various basic and applied aspects of modern biotechnology. The main objective of the department is to provide academic training and conduct research in the interdisciplinary areas of biotechnology with particular emphasis on extending the knowledge generated from these studies towards the development of technologies of commercial significance. The department admits students for Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Biotechnology and Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Biotechnology. The faculty members of the department are excellent teachers and research scientists, and they have published papers in high impact factor peer-reviewed journals, including Chemical Reviews, Immunity, Human Molecular Genetics, Human Mutation, Database, JBC, FASEB, PloS One, Pharmacogenomics, BMC Genomics, Journal of Immunology and Journal of Alzheimer Disease. The department has undertaken sponsored projects funded by ICMR, CSIR, DST, UGC, etc. Currently, the department has 05 regular faculty members excluding contractual faculty, about 110 undergraduate and 120 postgraduate students, 20 Ph.D. students. Research interests of the department include nanobioelectronics, neurobiology, genome informatics, immunotherapeutics, plant molecular biology and environmental biotechnology. The department has 10 state-of-the-art laboratories, viz. Nanobioelectronics Laboratory, Stem Cell Biology Laboratory, Functional Genomics and Molecular Nanoscience Laboratory, Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory, Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory, Computational Biology Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Immunotherapeutics Laboratory and Genome Informatics Laboratory. The facilities available in the department include Bioreactor (10 litre capacity) equipped with Automatic Control, Gas liquid chromatography, Ultrafiltration Systems, UV-Vis Spectrophotometers, Ultracentrifuge, Laminar air flow, autoclave, Shaker Incubator, Lyophilizer, Electrophoresis apparatus, Ultra Low Freezers (-20 Degree Celsius, 80 Degree Celsius), ELISA Reader, Gel dryer, Gel documentation unit, Humidity and Temperature controller, UV trans illuminator, Laminar flow, PCR, Sonicator, COD meter, Millipore Ultra Purification system, CO2 incubator. The department publishes INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOINFORMATICS ( an online, freely available, peer reviewed journal that endeavors to rapidly publish original, authentic and fundamental research papers, review articles, case studies and short communications in all the spheres of biotechnology and bioinformatics. The department regularly organizes scientific lectures & symposia in which renowned scientists and academicians are invited. The department conducts annual technical festival KARYON in which the students and experts from industry participate in academic deliberations to enhance Industry- University interactions. Such useful interactions help the students for industrial trainings and job placements.