Department of Applied Mathematics
Mathematics is the base of all engineering as well as technological branches. A sound knowledge of mathematical tools makes a technocrat to excel in his profession. In fact the "Industrial Mathematics", a branch of Applied Mathematics, which is relevant for contemporary technological problems, is not only the queen of all sciences but is also the mother of all technologies. The Department of Applied Mathematics offer courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students of various engineering disciplines. The syllabi have been designed in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Computational Techniques and Statistics to impart sound knowledge of various mathematical tools and their applications in the engineering disciplines. Research Activities & Full Time Ph.D. Programs The department has the necessary expertise available in the following research areas of current interest : Information theory of its Applications, Graph theory, Numerical Simulation, Relativistic Cosmological Models, Complex Analysis, Algebra and Approximation Theory. A few full time Ph.D. scholarships are available in the above fields.